Konstantin and Valentina Belikov

belikovi-300x200How old are you a subscriber of New Systems?
– Perhaps three years already.

Why did you choose us? What do you like about the company?
– We chose New Systems because we like it here. All is fair, and in fact earlier, when we used phone cards, everything happened – and minutes disappeared, and left more expensively, than it was promised. In the New Systems, you can not even check anything – all honestly, without tricks and subterfuges. And I also like the decency and culture of the company’s employees. Whenever we come, they always smile and help.

What would you wish to our citizens on the eve of Christmas and New Year!
– We must thank everyone for everything! For all! We live in a beautiful country. Let this year was not easy. Maybe it will be worse. But we must tune in to good. It helps, it strengthens. But there was a lot of good. If only talking about the bad – it comes by itself. But the good should be admired and make an effort.

# # #