Family and Friends Bonus Program

Participate with relatives, friends or neighbors residing in the US in the bonus program and pay for calls less!

The “Family and Friends” bonus program is a simple and profitable way to receive discounts for calls abroad. Participating in the bonus program together with family and friends or even neighbors, you help each other reduce the cost of international communication!
To become a member of the program, you must:

– Tell your family and friends about the program “Family and Friends” and, having secured their consent to participate in the action, contact the operator for the bonus program.

– Tell us the phone numbers of your loved ones so that we can include them in the same subscriber group. Or ask your loved ones to call us back on your recommendation. These can be numbers of customers who already use our service, and you can also invite new subscribers to our company *

When members of one group collectively spend $ 25 on calls this month, the price for all subsequent calls until the end of the month automatically decreases by 10%, and in the remaining days until the end of the month all group members pay for calls less! At the same time, it does not matter how much each subscriber spent on calls this month, the main thing is that the collective expense of the whole group should be at least $ 25.

Features: the group can consist of no more than 3 owners of different accounts, including all phone numbers connected to these accounts.

For details, contact the operator – 1 916 231 02 95

* When connecting a new subscriber on the recommendation of our client, there are additional bonuses for both parties.

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