About us

New Systems is your ideal companion.Traditional telephone communication is in the past. We offer you a modern alternative – New Systems.

This is the exchange of information based on the SIP protocol, which makes it possible to use and coordinate the work of various services. For example, the integration in one group of different phone numbers, as well as the transfer of video and voice materials.

The principle of working over the Internet

The fact of access to the Internet is a prerequisite for this service.

New Systems expands your personal capabilities and office PBX capabilities:

  • You are always in touch. No binding to the geographical location of the business. Your work phone is where you are in any place, in any city. Moving without changing the numbering. All that is required of you is to connect the equipment via the Internet and resume your Personal Number.
    You can connect any VoIP device convenient to you and suitable for technical parameters to New Systems network
  • VolP adapter or IP phone is your choice.

How it works through the phone

Calls through a variety of phones to access the network in different countries of the world make your long-distance and international communication cheap.

Our prices are low
Calls from mobile and home phones.
Phone to PC calls
PC to phone calls
With the help of the New Systems program you can be even more communicative.

All you need is to become a subscriber of our company.

With us it’s always easy and profitable!

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